Religious Education

Religious Education at St Teresa’s

At St Teresa’s Primary School, the Catholic faith underpins every aspect of the curriculum and is at the centre of our learning. Children are actively encouraged to ‘Build God’s Kingdom’.

Our Catholic faith underpins every aspect of the curriculum and is at the centre of our learning. Children are provided with a stimulating Catholic environment where children are encouraged to grow and develop to ensure that children know how to follow the example and teachings of Jesus.

Curriculum RE is ‘the core’ of the core curriculum at St. Teresa’s.  Religious Education is planned, taught, assessed and monitored with the same rigour as other core curriculum subjects as its own established subject, but it also runs deep within the whole ethos and culture school.

Aims and objectives of curriculum RE:

  • To foster a love of God through knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith from scripture to doctrine.
  • To encourage the development of a personal relationship with God.
  • To create a happy and caring environment which fosters the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual development of each child.
  • To help our children be aware of and respect other faiths.
  • To promote British values through the curriculum
  • To encourage children to study, investigate and reflect.
  • To develop children’s higher order thinking skills
  • To give children the opportunity to ask big questions and wonder about the world
  • To develop respect for truth and for the view of others.


RE CD 5-7 Years

RE CD 7-11 Years


Come and See is a programme that has been developed to respond to the needs of children today as they progress upon their faith journey, enabling them to grow in their religious literacy.  At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ.  Come and See gives all children the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through scripture and tradition.  The programme supports and enables the faith experience of all children because it  starts with their real life experience and leads them to reflect upon and consider the Christian message in all its richness in that experience.

Come and See is developed through three themes which are gradually explored every term, each time at greater depths.  These three themes are ChurchSacrament and Christian Living.



Come and See Letter to Parents Spring 23

Sacramental Programme.

School & Parish work together in delivering the Sacramental Programme each year. As a Catholic school, this is of great importance to us and with the support from parents and families, children are equipped and prepared for a life of faith and commitment to Christ.

Parents with children in Year 3 or above are able to enrol their children on the Sacramental Programme. This runs for the full academic year and is led and delivered by Catechists from St Teresa’s Church. The Sacraments of Initiation are received by children on the programme. The Sacraments are; Reconciliation & First Holy Communion.

Download Our Sacramental Programme Here


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