School Uniform


This is a picture of our children in our revised school uniform.  We plan to roll in these new uniform guidelines over a period of 12 months.  We hope you will support us in our goal to achieve uniform consistency throughout the school by September 2017.

School uniform is compulsory from Reception - Year 6






Our uniform consists of the following:-


Boys                                                                                                                 Shoes

Navy blue sweatshirt with school logo                            Both girls and boys will wear all black school shoes.

Light blue polo shirt with or without logo                         This might be a trainer style shoe but will not have

Charcoal grey trousers (winter)                                       any coloured branding.  In the winter the girls are

Charcoal grey shorts (optional in summer)                     able to wear black ankle boots.

Black School shoes

Grey socks


Girls                                                                                PE Kit

Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo         Plain white t-shirt with or without logo

Lights blue polo shirt with or without logo                       Black shorts

Charcoal grey skirt, pinafore of trousers                         Jogging pants may be worn outside in the winter

Navy blue gingham dress (summer)                               Black pumps (indoor)

Black school shoes                                                         Trainers (outdoor)

Grey tights/socks (winter)

White socks (summer)





Jewellery and valuables are not allowed. It is the Policy of the school governors that no child (either boy or girl) will be allowed to wear jewellery during school time. This includes studs and sleepers. The reason for this decision has been taken on the grounds of safety, especially during games and P.E. or swimming. Neither can the school be responsible for the loss of such items. Watches are permitted.




Boys hair - no patterns, no shorter than  number 2.

Girls hair - Long hair needs to be tied back, suitable hair accessories.



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