At St Teresa’s Primary School, the Catholic faith underpins every aspect of the curriculum and is at the centre of our learning.  Children are actively encouraged to ‘Build God’s Kingdom’.


At St Teresa’s R.C Primary School, we are committed to developing curious, inspired, well-educated young geographers who will work towards the Geography national expectations at the end of each key stage (EYFS, KS1 and KS2).

Our curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that our children are secure in their place knowledge of our school grounds and our locality, before continuing to develop their place and locational knowledge, human and physical geography knowledge and geographical skills and fieldwork ability, in the context of our local area, our local region, the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and South America. Opportunities to understand geographical similarities and differences through local/regional comparisons are a key feature of our Geography curriculum, enabling our children to gain a clearer understanding of the world and its wonderful people and places. The children are given the opportunity to explore key geographical knowledge, vocabulary and skills, through meaningful, open ended enquiry questions where they ‘Work as Geographers’. Through a focus on introducing, embedding and revisiting key geographical vocabulary, skills and knowledge – from our Nursery provision through to Year 6 – our pupils will grow in their ability to work and communicate in a geographical appropriate manner.

Our school ethos of ‘Growing Together’ runs through the heart of our Geography curriculum and teaching and learning; inspiring a genuine fascination about the world and its people amongst both our staff and children. To add, our Geography curriculum and teaching and learning serves to promote and further contribute to the inclusive nature of our school community and our commitment to ‘Growing Together in Respect and Responsibility’, through the study of diverse people and places. We are fortunate to have such wonderful grounds at St Teresa’s too, and we aim to build on our EYFS provision and provide our children with rich, outdoor, geographical learning experiences, whilst also venturing out into our local community. 

Together, we are on an exciting journey to build our geographical knowledge, vocabulary, experiences and skills – enabling our pupils to truly develop their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, and of the formation and use of landscapes and environments over time. We aim to prepare the children for the next stage of their geographical journey when they leave St Teresa’s R.C Primary School, whilst planting the seeds for a lifelong love of Geography, exploration and adventure.

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Here we are (again) in maths. This time we are making Roman numerals.

Maths – reading, writing and making numbers

Here we are in maths - reading, writing and making numbers.

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St Teresa's RC Primary School

5 McDonald Road, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5LH

Mrs Sandra Burgess

0161 777 8203

[email protected]