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Hi and welcome to the St Teresas PTA page

You may be wondering what the PTA is and what it does?

Well, St Teresas PTA is made up of parents and teachers who like to help with raising extra funds for your school -  

The money we raise provides the things which we just wouldn't get any other way -

Things like extra school books, the chicken incubators in Year 3 and role play equipment for the younger children. Also, it means we can treat the kids to the occasional suprise, like putting on a film for them at Christmas or providing extra play equipment.


More importantly, the PTA sometimes provides the school with a contribution to essential repairs. Without getting too political, a small percentage of the cash we raise helps with keeping the place looking tip top - a sign of the times but again another reason for helping us raise funds. 

In short, the PTA helps make St Teresas extra special.

Raising money? 

So, how do we raise money? In lots of ways - we do what we can when we can. Things like the Summer BBQ and Fireworks display all help to raise cash for the PTA - and it provides a great opportunity to get the parents together so they can enjoy the school.

The summer bedding plant and the pumpkin sale also helped raise money for PTA projects - so there really is an emphasis on providing a fair swap for your money.

And it is a brilliant cause.


But, it's not just your money we need - The PTA is reliant on helpers and good ideas. We really need people to get involved and help the school become even better. It isn't a big demand on anyone's time either, meetings are only once a term -  

So please, if you think you can help in anyway do enquire at the School Office or contact us through this site.

It would be great to see some more parents getting involved.

Kind Regards



We intend to include the minutes of PTA meetings for all parents to read....please click below


AGM Minutes for Sep 2012  
Chairpersons address Sep 2012          

Secretary's address Sep 2012 


St Teresa's PTA minutes from Meeting on 14/3/2016



 The meetings alternate between school (at 3.30 p.m) and the Catholic Club (7.30 p.m)

    PTA Newsletters

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Community Cinema Friday 7th February

A Nursery & Reception Family Night 23rd September 2014

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