Last year our attendance was 94.4% for the year.


Our Target for 2022-23 is 96%
What School will do !
  • School will monitor the attendance of all children regularly
  • School will telephone or text home if no reason for absence has been given and will record this.
  • School will work with Parents/Carers to ensure children have good attendance.

The Headteacher, members of the Senior Leadership Team and our Education Welfare Officer, will have responsibility for monitoring and discussing attendance with different groups of children and their Parents/Carers.


What Parents should do !

  • Telephone/e-mail the school on the FIRST DAY of your child’s absence to let us know why your child is not in school.
  • If your child has an appointment please show the appointment card to the school office BEFORE the appointment. Your child should return to school as soon as possible after the appointment.
  • Send in a letter with your child on the day of return to school after an absence


Did you know if your child’s attendance is …

100% – no missed sessions …. well done !!

97.5% – missed 10 sessions which is 5 days (1 week)

95% – missed 19 sessions which is 9.5 days (nearly 2 weeks)

92.5% – missed 28 sessions which is 14 days (nearly 3 weeks)

90% – missed 38 sessions which is 19 days (nearly 4 weeks)

85% – missed 57 sessions which is 28.5 days (nearly half a term)

80% – missed 76 sessions which is 38 days (nearly 8 weeks)

Year 194.6%
Year 293.7%
Year 395.2%
Year 493.4%
Year 594.5%
Year 695.4%

Our School Target is 96%: Please help us to reach our target!

90% attendance over 5 years is the same as your child missing half a year of school.



Holidays within TERM TIME are no longer authorised at St Teresa’s RC Primary School.  All children with an absence period of 3 days or longer will be required to provide medical evidence.  Holiday’s taken in term time could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.

(Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003).

Leave of absence can be granted under exceptional circumstances.

An application for leave must be made in writing and addressed to the Headteacher.

St Teresa's RC Primary School

Address: 5 McDonald Road, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5LH
Headteacher: Mrs Sandra Burgess
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St Teresa's RC Primary School

5 McDonald Road, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5LH

Mrs Sandra Burgess

0161 777 8203

[email protected]