Here at St Teresa’s we value Art & Design as a key part of the curriculum.  

We recognise all humans derive comfort and confidence from being able to make better sense of their surroundings.

Therefore we believe it vital for our children to develop their visual literacy as it provides a unique route for them to do just that: consider, explore and respond to the world around them – creatively.

Having alternative ways to approach and express ideas about what is encountered, are the first steps in navigating and eventually understanding some of the complexities of that world.

Taking time to develop their formal visual language vocabulary and transferable art & design skills, provides our children with a resource bank from which to draw.

As they get older they can use this acquired language and experience to help break down even more complex subjects into manageable chunks, making them easier to consider and personally explore.

We want our children to grow in understanding that Art and Design is another form of communication available to them.

Art Intent

At St Teresa’s Primary School, the Catholic faith underpins every aspect of the curriculum and is at the centre of our learning.  Children are actively encouraged to ‘Build God’s Kingdom’.

It is our intent to provide pupils with a high-quality education in Art so that basic skills are introduced and built upon through further exploration.

This purposefully designed curriculum aims to equip our children with   language and tools to creatively explore the world around them from different perspectives.

Key areas for focus will be covered in 5 strands;                                    

drawing, painting, colour, mark making and shape/space/3d work.           

(All of which incorporates other formal visual language elements of art – line, tone, pattern and texture.)

Children will consider the work of others to aid and inform their own.

The overarching aim for Art is to foster a rounded exploration of creativity.


We aim to do this by:

  • Encouraging the idea of Art and Design at St Teresa’s as a creative journey of discovery. We are Art Explorers!
  • Creating a safe and nurturing environment in which pupils are encouraged to take some creative risks and learn to be persistent.
  • Understanding that mistakes & disappointments provide rich learning opportunities and are an essential part of reflection & progress.
  • Prizing experimentation as a means of demonstrating – new skills, sensitivity to media, thoughts, knowledge, ideas and growing understanding.
  • Displaying developmental work e.g. quick sketches, media experiments, samples, models and children’s own personal reflections – not simply final outcomes.
  • Fostering the use of visual language vocabulary, ( formal elements) and exploring ways they can be combined, (design principles).
  • Realising these form the building blocks of our creativity.
  • Providing resources that are suitable for pupils of all ages and abilities
  • Presenting ideas, inspiration and techniques, which enable children to explore a wide variety of media.
  • Developing sketchbooks as a tool to underpin personal exploration of media, techniques, processes and ideas.
  • Providing targeted skill practise opportunity.
  • Ensuring some opportunity for meaningful use of devices + technology e.g. viewfinder, magnifying glass, camera, torches, photocopier, CAD.
  • Encouraging children to make connections between their own studies and the work of others. (artists/craftspeople/designers)
  • Realising that art and design are not created within a vacuum. They can offer clues into the time, place and attitudes which inform their making.
  • Initiating varied creative tasks for different purposes within a year, including some open ended exploration, self-directed experiments, observational studies, expressive work and problem solving activities.


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